Use the Advertisement Subcollection page in the Configuration Manager 2007 Distribute Software Wizard to specify whether the advertisement should apply to subcollections of the primary collection. If the collection has links to other collections, you can advertise the program to members of those collections as well.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

UI Element List

Name Description

Advertise the program only to members of the specified collection

Specifies that the program will only be advertised to the selected collection and will not be advertised to subcollections or linked collections.

Advertise the program to members of subcollections as well

Specifies that the program will be advertised to members of the selected collection, associated subcollections, and linked collections.

The program will be advertised to these collections

Displays a list of all collections, subcollections, and linked collections to which the program will be advertised.


Goes to the previous page of the wizard.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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