The Configuration Manager 2007 properties dialog box for software updates displays information about software updates and associated content, and allows administrators to configure the maximum run time, NAP evaluation, custom severity, and security settings. When opening the properties for multiple updates, only the maximum run time and custom severity tabs display.

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Software Update Name Properties: General Tab

Specifies general information about the software update.
Software Update Name Properties: Maximum Run Time Tab

Specifies the maximum amount of time a software update installation has to complete.
Software Update Name Properties: NAP Evaluation Tab

Specifies whether to enable or disable Network Access Protection evaluation for the software update.
Software Update Name Properties: Custom Severity Tab

Specifies the custom severity values for the software update if predefined severity values do not meet administrator needs.
Software Update Name Properties: Content Information Tab

Specifies the languages available for the software update and other supporting information.
Properties - Security Tab

Specifies the class and instance security rights for the software update.