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List of supported platforms in programs will be evaluated incorrectly in mixed-version hierarchies

In a hierarchy with Configuration Manager 2007 parent sites and SMS 2003 child sites, if a program is configured to run only on specified client platforms but that platform is not in the list of platforms in the SMS 2003 site, the program will run on all client computers in the collection, regardless of platform. For example, if the parent Configuration Manager 2007 site has a program that can run only on Vista but the child SMS 2003 site does not have Vista in the list of platforms, the platform restriction is ignored on clients receiving the program and the program will run on all clients in the specified collection.


Create collections that contain only clients of the new platform, and send advertisements for programs needing new platforms only to those collections. Also, if you are creating the executable for the program, you might be able to evaluate the platform and terminate the executable gracefully if an unsupported platform is detected.

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