You can use a task sequence to install software as part of any operating system image deployment, or to install software on an existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 client.

Using steps in a task sequence, Configuration Manager 2007 can install one or more Configuration Manager 2007 software packages on a target computer after the new operating system is installed, but before the user is first allowed to login. The installation of each software package in the task sequence completes in order before the next software package is installed. Desktop users cannot login to the computer until all software packages have been installed. Programs associated with each Configuration Manager 2007 package must run under the computer's system account and be configured to install automatically and silently without user interaction.

When you use a task sequence to install an application Configuration Manager 2007 checks the following two conditions:

  1. Whether or not a user must be logged in for the installation to proceed.

  2. Whether or not user any user input is required.

Use this procedure to add a software package to an existing task sequence that deploys an operating system image to a computer.

To install software packages as part of a task sequence

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Operating System Deployment / Task Sequences.

  2. Select the task sequence that is being used to deploy the operating system image from the Task Sequences pane to which the software package should be added.

  3. In the Action menu, or from the Actions pane, select Edit to run the Task Sequence Editor.

  4. Highlight the task sequence step in the tree view pane where you want to install the software package and click Add. You can add this new task step to the Install Software group if it exists.

  5. Under General, select Install Software. The new task step is added after the task step you highlighted.

  6. To install a single package select Install a single application and click the Browse button to specify the Package and associated Program of the software to be installed.

    To install multiple packages, select Install multiple applications. The Base variable name specifies a series of task sequence variables that each contain a <packageID:program name> pair separated by a colon. The series of variable names is formed by appending a numeric suffix between 001 and 999 to the administrator-defined base name. The associated packages will be installed in the order specified in the list, and each package installation will be completed before the installation of the next package begins.

    For more information about single and multiple application installations, see Install Software.

  7. Click OK to save the task sequence.

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