Use this task sequence action to specify the Sysprep options to use when capturing an operating system image. This task sequence action runs Sysprep and then reboots the computer into the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) boot image specified for the task sequence. The reference computer must not be domain joined for this action to be completed successfully.

This task sequence step runs only in a standard operating system and will not run in Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE). For information about task sequence variables for this task sequence action, see Prepare Windows for Capture Task Sequence Action Variables.

This task sequence action resets the local administrator password on the reference computer to blank. Any administration password policy will be cleared and the password set to blank.

Specify the following settings:


A short user-defined name that describes the action taken in this step.

More detailed information about the action taken in this step.
Automatically build mass storage driver list

Select this option to have Sysprep automatically build a list of mass storage drivers from the reference computer. This option enables the Build Mass Storage Drivers option in the sysprep.inf file on the reference computer. For more information about this setting, refer to the Sysprep documentation.
Do not reset activation flag

Select this option to prevent Sysprep from resetting the product activation flag. For more information about the implications of this setting, see

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