To restore packages on a branch distribution point

  1. If necessary, reinstall the Configuration Manager client and redeploy the branch distribution point. For information about how to do this, see How to Deploy a Branch Distribution Point.

  2. If the share does not exist, create an SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory on the branch distribution point, where <driveletter> is the relevant drive on the branch distribution point.

  3. Restore the package directories and files from their backup location.

  4. On the branch distribution point:

    • Double-click Configuration Manager in Control Panel.

    • On the Actions tab, select Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task.

    • Click Initiate Action.

    The Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task will verify the prestaged packages and download any packages that do not exist on the branch distribution point. A success status message is sent to the management point, and the server’s records are then updated to reflect the availability of the packages.

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