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The Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 Asset Intelligence feature allows administrators to customize the local Asset Intelligence catalog. Using the Customize Catalog Configuration Manager console node, administrators can locally edit the information stored in the Asset Intelligence catalog.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later.

When customizing the local Asset Intelligence catalog, administrators can create, rename, and delete custom catalog information. The software categorization information supplied by System Center Online can also be redefined to suit custom software categorization requirements.

Example Scenario for Customizing the Asset Intelligence Catalog

In this example, Torsten Arndt, the Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 administrator for Humongous Insurance, will customize Asset Intelligence catalog information, create custom labels, and define custom software categories and software families for inventoried software titles. To do this, Torsten will work closely with Stefan Delmarco, the asset manager for Humongous Insurance, who manages the software in use for the organization.

Process Reference

Torsten begins the process by viewing the inventoried software title information for uncategorized software titles. After reviewing the list of uncategorized software with Stefan, a list of user-defined software categories, software families, and custom labels are decided on.

About the Asset Intelligence Catalog

Torsten then uses the Configuration Manager console to add the planned user-defined, custom categorization information to help manage and categorize the software in use by Humongous Insurance.

By configuring the custom category and family information for uncategorized software titles and assigning custom label information as needed, Torsten is able to completely categorize all inventoried software titles.

How to Customize the Asset Intelligence Catalog

After implementing user-defined categorization information into the Asset Intelligence catalog, Torsten and Stefan use Asset Intelligence reports to view inventoried software titles by using custom categorization details.

Software Reports

How to Configure Asset Intelligence Object Security for Asset Managers

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