Use this tab to limit the number of query result items that are returned. Some queries might be broad enough and some Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 sites might be large enough that running a query might require a long period of time while consuming site system site system resources. Limiting the number of items that are returned can help reduce the amount of time required to run a query. This can be especially helpful when testing queries.

The value entered on this tab applies to all the queries that are listed in the Configuration Manager 2007 console under Queries; however, you can override this value by selecting Run Query Special, rather than Run Query. In this case, you will be prompted to modify this value by using the Run Query Special dialog box.

Limit number of query result items

Causes Configuration Manager 2007 to stop executing the query after the specified number of objects are found.

The maximum number of items that Configuration Manager 2007 will return for queries. By default, this value is 2,000.
To display all resources for each query in the results pane, enter 0 in the Limit box.

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