You must carefully plan how you will deploy the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 client software to computers. You can use any of the following deployment methods:

All of the client methods have different dependencies, requirements, and security concerns. Choose the client installation method that best fits your environment and business requirements.

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Installing a Test Client

There is no single recommended way to deploy clients, but the following method is suitable for testing basic client functions.

On the test client, run the following command from a command prompt:

\\<site server>\SMS_<site code>\client\ ccmsetup.exe /mp:< management point > SMSSITECODE=< site code > FSP=< fallback status point >

If you need a server locator point, include the following property: SMSSLP=<server locator point>.

Use the following table if you need more information about replacing the placeholder values.

When specifying a server, you can use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), a short name (host name or NetBIOS name), or an IP address.

<placeholder value> Description

<site server>

The computer from where you ran Configuration Manager 2007 Setup.

<site code>

The three-character site code.

<management point>

The computer you configured with the management point role.

<fallback status point>

The computer you configured with the fallback status point role.

<server locator point>

The computer you configured with the server locator point role.


To install a client by running CCMSetup with the following values:

  • A site server named SJC003

  • A site code of SJC

  • A management point named SJC020

  • A fallback status point named SJC021

Type: \\SJC003\SMS_SJC\Client\CCMSetup.exe /mp:SJC020 smssitecode=SJC FSP=SJC021

To install the same client if it must use a server locator point that is named SJC025:

Type: \\SJC003\SMS_SJC\Client\CCMSetup.exe /mp:SJC020 smssitecode=SJC FSP=SJC021 SMSSLP=SJC025

Additional Information for Client Deployment

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