Use this tab to view the image properties associated with the operating system image for this package.

You can configure the following settings:

Image Path

Specify the path to the image file using the Browse button.
Source Version

The number of times an administrator has updated the image source files and requested an update to distribution points, followed by the date and time of the last update. The Source version is incremented each time the path in Source directory is changed, or the Update all distribution points command is run or selected in the Manage Distribution Points Wizard.
Update distribution points on a schedule

The source files for this image will be regularly updated on distribution points. When selected, the default schedule is set to the current date with an interval of one day. By default, this check box is cleared.
Custom Schedule

Click to open the Schedule dialog box, where you can specify how frequently to update the image data on distribution points. This button is available only when Update distribution points on a schedule is selected.
Persist content in client cache

Enable this option to ensure that the image source files remain cached on the destination computer rather than being aged out of cache by later downloaded images or packages.
Enable binary differential replication

Enable this option to only replicate package files that have changed since the last update.

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