It is supported to move the Configuration Manager 2007 site database from a remote SQL server or the primary site server to a remote Microsoft SQL Server cluster. The site database can be moved as often as necessary and can also be moved back to the site server computer.

To move the site database to a remote SQL Server cluster instance

  1. If the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) Provider is located on a remote SQL server, the SMS provider must be moved to the local site server or another computer not hosting a SQL Server cluster node before moving the site database.

  2. Stop all Configuration Manager 2007 services on the site server. After all services are stopped, back up the SQL database on the standalone system and restore it to the SQL cluster database server using the Backup Site Server maintenance task and the Configuration Manager 2007 Site Repair Wizard.

  3. Run Configuration Manager 2007 Setup, and select the clustered SQL Server instance to host the site database.