Use the General tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Advertised Programs Client Agent Properties dialog box to enable software distribution to clients and specify how frequently the client computer should check for new policy.

The General tab contains the following elements:

Enable software distribution to clients

Specifies whether the Advertised Programs Client Agent is enabled and software distribution is available on clients. If this option is not selected, clients cannot use Configuration Manager 2007 to install or run software.
Allow user targeted advertisement requests

Specifies whether user-targeted advertisement requests are permitted.This saves network bandwidth by reducing the total amount of policy data transmitted between the client and the management point. If this check box is cleared, clients will not check for new user targeted advertisements although existing user targeted advertisements will run.
To prevent clients from running all user targeted advertisements, delete the advertisements before clearing this check box.
New program notification icon opens Add or Remove Programs

Select to display advertised programs in Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel when New program notification icon is clicked on the client computer.
Allow virtual application package advertisement

In Configuration Manager 2007 R2, select to enable Configuration Manager 2007 clients to run virtual application package advertisements.
When you enable the advertised programs client agent to run virtual application packages all Configuration Manager 2007 client computers in the site will be configured to run virtual applications. It is not possible to enable a single computer or collection to run virtual application packages.

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