You can include Configuration Manager 2007 software packages as part of the image deployment. For more information about creating packages for the destination computer, see About Creating the Operating System Deployment Packages. Specify a Configuration Manager 2007 package and program to install as part of the task sequence. Click the New button to configure the following options and display the package information in the Software packages window. You can delete an existing package by clicking the Delete button or change the package run order using the arrows.


Click Browse to select the Configuration Manager 2007 package to use for this task step. The list of available packages is displayed in the Select a Package dialog box. Select a package from the list of existing packages and click Okay to add the package. Property information containing Package ID, Source version, Last refresh time, and Comment are listed at the bottom of the window.

Select the program to run with this task step. The programs associated with the package you selected are displayed in the drop-down list. Select the program you want and click Okay.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Applications and Tools using a Task Sequence

Applications and tools can be installed by being embedded in a captured operating system image, or they can be installed separately (either manually, by using Configuration Manager 2007 package distribution, or as a custom task step in a deployment task sequence). This table outlines the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Installation method Advantage Disadvantage

Install as part of operating system image

Potentially faster deployment to target computers

No need to install the application separately

Need to create a new image when updates are required

Need to create an image for each distinct set of installation or setup properties

Potentially larger overall image sizes

Not all applications can be part of an image. The applications must be able to be generalized by Sysprep to be part of the image.

Install separately from the image

Fewer images to maintain

Fewer update images to create

Potentially longer deployment and installation times, using separate Configuration Manager 2007 packages.

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