The New Policies Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 lets you create ConfigMgr NAP policies that you want to be included in Network Access Protection (NAP) evaluation, and specify when they will be become active on Configuration Manager 2007 clients that are able to support Network Access Protection.

Policies created in this Configuration Manager 2007 site apply to all computers in the All Systems collection and will flow down to child sites that are also enabled for Network Access Protection.

Once you have completed the wizard, the settings you define can then be modified in two places:

Software updates can also be included in NAP evaluation with the option Enable NAP evaluation in the Deploy Software Updates Wizard, and they can be included as a software update property under the Software Updates node.

If the Configuration Manager NAP policies will result in computers having restricted network access if they do not have the selected software updates, ensure that those software updates are available on a sufficient number of distribution points serving as remediation servers so that remediation will occur in a timely fashion.

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UI Element List

Select Software Updates for Network Access Protection

Displays any software updates that have been downloaded and exist in a software update package. Select one or more software updates you want to include in NAP evaluation.
Set NAP Evaluation

Specifies when you want the selected software updates to become active on NAP-capable clients.
Do not specify a time before the software update packages that contain the selected software updates have completed replication to distribution points.
The two options are as follows:
  • As soon as possible: Select this option if you want the selected software updates to be included in NAP evaluation as soon as possible.

  • Date and time: Select a date and time on the client when the NAP policy becomes effective.

Summary Page

Displays the Wizard - Summary Page.
Progress Page

Displays the Wizard - Progress Page.
Completing the Wizard Page

Displays the Wizard - Completing the Wizard Page.

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