When you install the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console, Setup automatically creates adminconsole.msc in <Configuration Manager installation directory>\AdminUI\Bin and configures the shortcut in the Start menu to run the file. You can also use MMC to create custom .msc files that include the Configuration Manager 2007 console and other MMC snap-ins. You can modify how the console is started by adding options to the command line. Example:

C:\Program Files\ConfigMgr\AdminUI\Bin\adminconsole.msc [option]

Command Line Options

The following command line options can be used when running the Configuration Manager console.

Option Function


Adds additional Actions to each node to allow you to view the standard ConfigMgr Console View or the ConfigMgr Object Properties View. The object properties view shows more detail from the database record for the object.


Forces the console to run under a specific regional option, overriding the option configured in the Control Panel when displaying regional preferences like date and time format. For information about valid culture parameters, see http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=93069.


Changes the code page used by the SMS Provider. Usually used with the sms:culture option.


Displays a class name view useful for SDK programmers.


Starts the console at the top System Center Configuration Manager node instead of the last viewed node. This option usually causes the console to start much more quickly.


Starts the console with the views reset to the defaults, such as column width and column order.


Starts the console without any extensions. This is useful for debugging issues with extensions.

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