Use the Apply Data Image task sequence step to copy the data image to the specified destination partition

This task sequence step runs only in the Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) and will not run in a standard operating system. For information about task sequence variables for this task sequence action, see Apply Data Image Task Sequence Action Variables.

You can configure the following settings:


A short user-defined name that describes the action taken in this step.

More detailed information about the action taken in this step.
Image Package

Specify the Image Package that will be used by this task sequence step by clicking Browse. Select the package you want to install in the Select a Package dialog box. The associated property information for each existing image package is displayed at the bottom of the Select a Package dialog box. Use the drop-down list to select the Image you want to install from the selected Image Package.
This task sequence action treats the image as a data file and does not do any of the setup necessary to boot the image as an operating system.

Specifies an existing formatted partition and hard disk, specific logical drive letter, or the name of a task sequence variable that contains the logical drive letter.
  • Next available partition – Use the next sequential partition that has not been previously targeted by an Apply Operating System or Apply Data Image action in this task sequence.

  • Specific disk and partition – Select the Disk number (starting with 0) and the Partition number (starting with 1).

  • Specific logical drive letter – Specify the Drive Letter assigned to the partition by Windows PE. Note that this drive letter can be different from the drive letter that the newly deployed operating system will assign.

  • Logical drive letter stored in a variable – Specify the task sequence variable containing the drive letter assigned to the partition by Windows PE. This variable would typically be set in Advanced section of the Partition Properties dialog box for the Format and Partition Disk task sequence action.

Delete all content on the partition before applying the image

Specifies that all files on the target partition will be deleted before the image is installed. By not deleting the content of the partition, this step can be used to apply additional content to a previously targeted partition.

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