Topic last updated -- November 2007

This section provides information to help troubleshoot operating system deployment boot image issues in Configuration Manager 2007. This content might have been updated. For the most recent version, see

Configuration Manager 2007 Clients are not Communicating with my Site when running Windows PE

When Configuration Manager 2007 clients are running Windows PE they are unable to communicate with the Configuration Manager 2007 site.


The following list displays several reasons why the Windows PE image might not be able to obtain the necessary network connectivity to communicate with the Configuration Manager 2007 site:

  • Network adapter device drivers - The Windows PE image may not have access to the appropriate network adapter device drivers.

  • IPsec - The network may be running in IPsec require mode. If IPsec is running the Windows PE image will not be able to communicate with a management point, state migration point or distribution point.

  • Network Access - The network access account may not have sufficient access to the required network resources.

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