There are several methods for downloading software updates in Configuration Manager 2007. The Download Updates Wizard allows you to download selected software updates to a deployment package prior to deploying the updates to client computers. When creating an update list, the Update List Wizard provides the option to download the software updates as part of the process for adding them to the update list. And finally, the Deploy Software Updates Wizard will download software updates as part of the deployment process.

If the software updates have been previously downloaded to a deployment package, the Deploy Software Updates Wizard uses the existing package and skips all package related pages.

Software updates are downloaded from the Internet or from a shared folder on the network that is accessible to the site server and can be added to new or existing deployment packages. For overview information about deployment packages, see About Software Update Deployment Packages. For information about software update files, see About Software Update Files.

When using the Download Updates Wizard or the Update List Wizard to download software updates, refresh the software updates list view in the Configuration Manager console after downloading software updates and prior to deploying them to prevent the Download Software Updates Wizard from prompting for download settings.

The following procedure provides the steps necessary to download software updates to a deployment package using the Download Updates Wizard.

To download software updates to a deployment package

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, select the software updates to download to the deployment package. For more information, see How to Find Software Updates in Configuration Manager.

  2. Right-click the highlighted software updates, and then click Download Software Updates to open the Download Updates Wizard. For more information about completing the settings in the wizard, see Download Updates Wizard.

  3. When the wizard completes, the software updates display in Deployment Packages \ <deployment package name> \ Software Updates. The Refresh action might be needed for the package and software updates to display.

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