Use the General tab to specify whether this site system will provide a location where Configuration Manager computer and device clients can exchange data with the Configuration Manager site services.

This tab contains the following elements:

Allow devices to use this management point

When a management point is configured to allow devices to use it, the management point provides data for Configuration Manager device management functions.
Allow client connections

You can allow clients to connect to the management point from the intranet, Internet, or both.
You must enter a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the management point properties to be able to allow Internet-based clients to use this management point.
Specify the database that this management point uses

The management point can be configured to use the site database or a database replica by selecting one of the following options:
  • Use the site database (default).

  • Use a database replica. If this option is selected, you must enter the SQL server name (or SQL server and named instance) and database name that the management point will use.

Specify the account used by the management point to connect with the database

The management point can be configured to use the management point's computer account or a domain user account to connect to the site database.
The management point connection account must be configured to use a domain user account if the management point needs to access a site database in a different domain, whether or not the domain is in the same Active Directory forest as the site database server.

Saves the changes, and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves the changes, and remains in the dialog box.