You can delete a site system using the Configuration Manager console by performing the procedure described in this topic. If you want to delete only a site system role, you do not need to delete the site system. For more information about deleting site system roles, see How to Delete Site System Roles From Site Systems.

You must have Modify permission for the Site security object class or instance to perform this procedure.

To delete a site system, all previously administrator-defined site system roles must be deleted. The ConfigMgr site system role is automatically added to any new site system created by the site component manager. Depending on the site role added, the Site component server role might also be assigned to the site system. These two roles cannot be added to a site system by the administrator and cannot be manually removed using the Configuration Manager console.

A site system can be deleted when it is still assigned the ConfigMgr site system server role, but it cannot be deleted if it is still assigned the Site component server server role.

When removing administrator assigned site system roles from a site system, it may be necessary to refresh the Configuration Manager console view to ensure the most current site system role information is displayed before deleting the site system.

After all administrator-definable server roles are removed from the site system, site component manager is instructed to remove the following from the server:

When site component manager has finished removing site role components from the server, the Site component server server role is removed and the site system can be deleted from within the Configuration Manager console.

To delete a site system

  1. In the Configuration Manager console of the primary site server, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site code> - <site name> / Site Settings / Site Systems / <site system name>.

  2. Verify that no site roles are currently assigned to the site system other than the ConfigMgr site system role.

  3. Right-click <site system name> for the site system that you want to delete, and click Delete.

  4. Click Yes on the Confirm Delete dialog box.

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