Use the Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Power Plan Properties dialog box to configure settings for the selected power plan.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

The Power Plan Properties dialog box contains the following elements:


Enables you to specify a name for the power plan or to accept the default name.
You can only edit the power plans Customized Peak (ConfigMgr) and Customized Non-Peak (ConfigMgr).
Specify the properties for this power plan

Displays a list of the settings you can change for the power plan. Click the check box next to each setting to enable it. Each item contains settings that can be applied when the computer is plugged in or using battery power. For information about the available power settings, see About Power Management Plan Settings for Power Management.
Depending on the operating system and power management capabilities of client computers, some of the settings might not be applied.
You can enable settings to be applied to computers when the power plan is applied. If you clear a power setting check box, the value on the client computer will not be changed when the power plan is applied. Clearing a check box does not restore the power setting to its previous value before a power plan was applied.

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