The Image tab displays property names and values that are associated with a selected image. The property values are populated from metadata in the Configuration Manager 2007 database.

If the administrator is connected on a child site, the property values will be read-only.

To load the property values for a specific image, select the image you want to view from the drop-down list. The image properties will appear in the Image Properties window. You can update the property values for each item marked with a pen icon. The properties without the pen icon are read-only.

Changes made on this page will modify the source image file.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

Name Description


Causes the image to attempt to re-read the original properties from the source image. This action will reload property values from the source image and more current image property changes will be lost.

If the administrator is working on a child site form where the boot image package resides, this action is disabled.

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