The following resources are available for the Microsoft System Management Server 2003 management pack.

Microsoft Operations Manager 2007

To access the Operations Manager 2007 core product documentation on the Internet and for the latest information about System Center Operations Manager 2007, see the Operations Manager 2007 product web page (

SMS 2003

All of the information that you need for deploying and using SMS 2003 is provided in the core product documentation, the SMS Administrator console Help, the SMS glossary, and the SMS Online Library. The SMS Online Library and SMS Administrator console Help are accessible from the SMS Administrator console.

SMS 2003 Online Library

The SMS Online Library provides pointers to all the information that you need for deploying and using SMS. There are two ways to run the SMS Online Library after you install SMS 2003:

  • From the Start menu, click Programs, click Systems Management Server, and then select SMS Online Library.

  • Right-click SMS Online Library in the SMS Administrator console tree, and then click Run Online Library.

The Online Library includes the following:

  • "SMS 2003 Release Notes," which contain critical information about SMS.

  • "What’s New in this Version of SMS," which describes the differences between this version of SMS 2003 and earlier versions.

  • A link to the SMS Product Documentation Web page.

  • Links to download pages for the SMS 2003 Device Management Feature Pack and the SMS 2003 Operating System Deployment Feature Pack.

SMS on the Web

  • To locate technical papers and information about related products, see the Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 product Web site. The SMS Web site also provides specific information about how to use SMS with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Windows® XP and Microsoft Office XP.

  • For links to browseable and downloadable versions of SMS 2003 core product documentation, see the Systems Management Server 2003 Product Documentation Web page.

  • Microsoft maintains many free newsgroups where you can post your questions and obtain free support from your peers and often, from members of the SMS product team. Visit the Systems Management Server Community Web page for more information about free newsgroups.

  • For technical how-to articles, FAQs, Web casts, newsgroups, and more, see the Support for Systems Management Server Web page.

  • To search the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other technical resources for fast, accurate answers to SMS questions, visit the Microsoft Help and Support Web site. You can query the Knowledge Base to find an article about a specific issue by using the "Qxxxxxx" number or the "xxxxxx" number that is assigned to the issue.

Providing Feedback

  • Help the SMS documentation team ship the kind of product information that you need most by giving us your feedback and comments. Send your feedback about our documentation to SMS Documentation.

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