The SMS 2003 Management Pack provides a topology diagram for its SMS hierarchy. Site servers and site systems are displayed showing their relationships to each other with context-sensitive information. Topology diagrams include logical data such as hierarchies and sites and physical data such as site servers and site systems. Since SMS 2003 hierarchies can be large, you can scope the view of your hierarchy to any SMS 2003 computer group by using the Group filter.

Support of topology diagrams for the SMS 2003 Management Pack in Operations Manager 2007 has the following requirements:

In order for the topology discovery to produce a diagram of your SMS 2003 hierarchy, SMS Provider computers must be managed, an agent must be installed on these computers, and agent proxying for other computers must be enabled. Also, for connectors to be displayed between site servers and site systems, the site systems must have been discovered by an SMS discovery process and must be members of the All Systems collection.

Discovery is performed on a per-site basis from primary sites, and secondary sites are discovered as part of parent primary discovery. The discovery data is provided through Tool Tips and server annotations. In addition, diagrams can be exported to a Microsoft Visio® file format.

SMS Server Topology Image Annotations

Icons for Server Types

  • Database Server Type: Site Database

  • Site System Type: Management Point

  • Server Type: Central Site, Primary Site, Secondary Site, and Site System

Connector Lines

Connector line color and style denote the type of relationship two computers have:

  • The Site Server to Site Server connector is a black solid line.

  • The Site Server to Site System connector is a blue dashed line.

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