In addition to the tasks that you perform daily and weekly, review data in the following categories on a monthly basis.

Most Common Alerts and Events

  • Most common alerts

  • Most common events

  • Most common alerts and events by rule group

  • Most common alerts and events by SMS 2003 component

  • Most common alerts and events by SMS 2003 feature

Develop an action plan to reduce these numbers.

SMS Backlog Monitoring

  • Look at reports relating to the backlog trends on various site systems.

SMS Backlog Trends

  • Review backlog-related reports to ensure that there is not a long-term upward trend in the number of backlogs or an unacceptable level of backlogs affecting service level agreements (SLAs) on an SMS site system.

SMS Performance Trends: Totals and Processing Rates

  • Discovery data records

  • Hardware inventory

  • Software inventory

  • Software metering

  • Status messages

General System Performance

  • Disk usage

  • Memory usage

  • Processor usage

SMS Service Availability


  • SMS Agent Host Service

  • SMS Client Service





SMS Availability

  • Run the SMS 2003 availability reports to review the availability of SMS servers and SMS components.

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