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  1. The SMS Administrator console starts, but fails to connect you to the SMS database. What could be the problem?
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  3. You have detected that your site is not updating when you change a setting in the SMS Administrator console. You also notice that tasks that you have scheduled are not running. What components are responsible for informing other SMS components of site configuration changes and running tasks scheduled through the Database Maintenance node?
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  5. You check your site server services and see that there is no SMS SQL Monitor service running. Why not?
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  7. It appears the site control file is corrupted. You are able to access the SQL Server database. Name two methods for restoring the site control file.
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  9. You have chosen to run weekly backups of the entire SMS databases. You notice that the tempdb device continues to increase in size and you understand that it is not necessary to continually back up the transaction log device. What is one possible cause for the uncontrolled transaction log file growth?
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  11. You have just completed a restoration of the SMS databases. The site server did not fail, so you did not need to reinstall SMS. What do you need to do to fully restore the SMS system?
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  13. You back up an SMS database, the site server SMS registry key, the NAL key, and the site control file on Monday. You add a new logon point to the site the following Wednesday, but do not back up the SMS registry keys. The site server fails on Friday. In restoring the site server and its database, how do you restore the logon point added on Wednesday?
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