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  1. You are concerned about users logging on to your site server, starting the SMS Administrator console, and administering the SMS site. Should you be concerned? Why or why not?
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  3. Your company has divided the tasks of administering SMS among three groups. One group will monitor status messages and log files. Another group will manage software distribution. The third group will manage site configuration. What should you do to limit members of each of these groups to their areas of responsibility?
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  5. You have created a package and an advertisement for Windows NT client computers. All of the Windows NT client computers receive the package but the installation fails. You have thoroughly tested the application installation and know that this is not the cause of the failure. What is the cause of the failure?
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  7. A NetWare site system is properly configured in the SMS Administrator console. However, the user account configured in the SMS Administrator console is unable to access the NetWare server. You can connect to the NetWare server through the Windows NT Explorer on the site server. What is the most likely reason that access to the NetWare server is failing?
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