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Chapter Summary

Network Monitor, Experts, and the Network Monitor Control Tool are powerful network analysis components. Network Monitor is the network analysis console, while Experts analyze traffic after it is captured with Network Monitor. The Network Monitor Control Tool watches for specific network events and alerts the administrator of these events so that action can be taken before the event impacts normal operation of the network. Network traffic can be monitored anywhere on the network by installing the Network Monitor Agent version 2 driver.

The Event to Trap Translator uses SNMP and the Event to Trap Translator Client Agent to convert Windows NT/2000 events into SNMP traps. Events that are to be converted into traps are configured by using the Event to Trap Translator application. This application is started from a Windows NT/2000 client computer listed within a collection. After one client computer is configured for event-to-trap translation, the Remote Configuration Tool can be used to configure all other Windows NT/2000 client computers. Event-to-trap translation requires the SNMP server and the SNMP Event to Trap Translator Client Agent.