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  1. Why is SQL Server access critical to a successful installation of SMS 2.0? Further, what rights must an account have to SQL Server to complete the installation of SMS 2.0?
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  3. Why is sizing the database and adjusting other configuration parameters to support SMS 2.0 less important in SQL Server version 7.0 than it is in SQL Server version 6.5?
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  5. Name two conditions that would cause the SMS setup routine to disallow the `Install an SMS 2.0 primary site' option to be selected.
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  7. True or False: Only Windows NT/2000 Server domain controllers can be used as SMS 2.0 site servers.
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  9. Explain why a user does not log on to the SMS Administrator console in order to gain access to the site database.
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  11. Name the primary SMS process and explain the function of a thread component.
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  13. Using the SMS Custom setup method, what two post-installation steps must be completed before resource discovery will occur?
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  15. True or False: Computer resources that have not been discovered can run a client installation method but they will not be discovered until a discovery method is enabled.
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  17. An SMS 1.2 to 2.0 upgrade cannot be completed if a computer is running SQL Server version 6.0 and Windows NT Server version 3.51. What is the recommended procedure for preparing the operating system and database version for an upgrade to SMS 2.0?
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