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Getting Started

Free evaluation copies of much of the software required to complete the exercises in this training kit can be obtained from the Microsoft web site (www.microsoft.com). Look for the "Free Downloads" link on the main page. After clicking the link, search for the appropriate software that you will need. Follow the download instructions provided via the web site; and then use the following configurations to complete all of the exercises in this book.

Computer 1 Setup Information

Unless otherwise noted, all exercises are completed on Computer 1. Computer 1 will run SMS 2.0 and SQL Server version 7.0.

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Windows NT Server Version 4.0 Installation

Enable File Viewing Settings

  1. From the View menu of any window, choose Options.
  2. From the Options dialog box, select the View tab.
  3. Select the 'Show all files' radio button, and the 'Display the full path in the title bar' checkbox.
  4. Verify that all other checkboxes are not selected.

Create a User Account on the Domain Controller

  1. Click the Start button, then point to Programs.
  2. A menu of choices appears.

  3. Point to Administrative Tools (Common), and then click User Manager for Domains.
  4. From the User menu, select New User. Use the following table to configure this user.
  5. Option Value
    Username User1
    Password and Confirm Password PASSWORD
    User Must Change Password at Next Logon Clear this checkbox
  6. Click Add and then click Close in the New User dialog box.
  7. Close User Manager for Domains.

SQL Server Version 7.0 Installation

In Chapter 2, SMS 2.0 will be installed.

Computer 2 Setup Information

Computer 2 will first be configured to run Windows NT Workstation 4.0. Then it will be configured to run Windows NT Server version 4.0 as a member server.

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Windows NT Workstation Version 4.0 Installation

Windows NT Server Version 4.0 Installation

Next configured to run Windows NT Server 4.0 configured as a member server w/SP4a installed.

SMS will be installed on the D: partition in Chapter 11.

Course Notes

Unless otherwise noted in the exercises, logon to Computer 1 as Administrator with no password.

Throughout this kit, objects (nodes) in the Microsoft Management Console can be right-clicked if you are right handed or left-clicked if you are left handed, to display context menus. For clarity, attributes of objects in the MMC will be selected from the console pull-down menus and toolbars.

If you are using the Microsoft IntelliPoint mouse with the ClickSaver feature enabled, disable this function before completing the exercises in this guide.

Setup Instructions

Set up your computer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If your computer is part of a larger network, you must verify with your network administrator that the computer name, domain name, and other information used in setting up Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0 as described in Chapter 2 does not conflict with network operations. If it does conflict, ask your network administrator to provide alternative values and use those values throughout all of the procedures in this book.

Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 120-day Evaluation Edition

You will install Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 in Chapter 2, "Installing a Primary Site." You can perform the procedures in the rest of the chapters only after you have installed Systems Management Server 2.0.

The Exercise Files

The SMS 2.0 Supplemental Course CD-ROM contains a set of exercise files that you will need to install on your hard disk drive to complete many of the procedures in this book.

The Demo Files

The Supplemental Course Materials CD-ROM contains a set of audio visual demonstration files that can be viewed by running the files from the CD-ROM. You will find prompts within the book indicating when the demonstrations should be run. You must have installed Microsoft Media on your computer to view these files. (Microsoft Media Player is included on this CD for this purpose. To install this software, see the installation instructions in the README.TXT files on the CD.)

To view the demonstrations

  1. Insert the SMS 2.0 Supplemental Course CD-ROM in to your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Select Run from the Start menu on your desktop, and type the pathname of the demonstration filename that you want to view.
  3. This will run the appropriate demonstration in the Microsoft Media Player.