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Reference Materials

You will find the following reference materials useful:

About the CD-ROMs

The SMS 2.0 Supplemental Course CD-ROM (compact disc) contains a variety of informational aids that can be used throughout this book. These include multimedia presentations, sample data, demonstrations, and files used in hands-on procedures.

The multimedia presentations supplement some of the key concepts covered in the book. You should view these presentations when suggested and then use them as a review tool while you work through the material. A complete version of this book is also available online, with a variety of viewing options. For instructions on running the online book, see the section "About the Online Book" later in this introduction. (The other CD-ROM contains Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 120-day Evaluation Edition.)

The SMS 2.0 Supplemental Course CD-ROM also contains files required to perform the hands-on procedures and information designed to supplement the lesson material. These files can be used directly from the CD-ROM or copied onto your hard disk by using the Setup program. The files include demonstrations of key concepts, practice files for the procedures, and additional sample files.

The demonstrations require Microsoft Media Player. If Media Player is installed on your system simply double-click on any of these files to view them.