By using scripts to automate software metering tasks, you can reduce time spent in the SMS Administrator console completing those tasks. For example, you might need to create a large number of software metering rules. Normally, you would need to configure each software metering rule individually. By using the scripting examples in this section, you can easily create any number of software metering rules.

Some scripts in this section run on the SMS Advanced Client, while others require access to an SMS 2003 site server.

For additional information about software metering, see the SMS 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide and the SMS 2003 SDK.

In This Section

How to Create a Software Metering Rule in SMS

Shows how to create a software metering rule for a product.

How to Upload or Download Software Usage Data in SMS

Shows how to upload software usage on the SMS Advanced Client.

How to Get Metered File Usage Summary Data in SMS

Shows how to report file usage summary information.

How to Get Monthly Summary Data for Metered Files in SMS

Shows how to report monthly file usage information.

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