Queries are usually the simplest form of scripting, and because they only return data, rather than changing it, they are also the safest scripts to use.

Some SMS object properties are relatively inefficient to retrieve. If these properties are retrieved for many instances in a class, the response could be considerably delayed. Such properties are considered lazy properties and are not retrieved during query operations.

The scripts in this section require access to an SMS 2003 site server.

For additional information about collections and queries, see the SMS 2003 Concepts, Planning, and Deployment Guide.

In This Section

How to Run an SMS Scripting Query

Shows how to run a query that returns all available Windows 2003 Server systems.

How to Summarize an SMS Site's Health

Shows how to determine the current health of an SMS site.

How to Enumerate Available Queries on an SMS Site

Shows how to display a list of the queries available on an SMS site.

How to View an SMS Collection

Shows how to display the members of the Windows 2003 Server collection.

How to Query SMS Component Status for a Specified Interval

Shows how to get a report of error and warning messages for SMS components generated during a specified interval.

How to Query SMS Site Status for a Specified Interval

Shows how to get a report of the site status for a specified interval.

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