The SMS objects are instances of SMS-specific WMI classes managed by the SMS Provider. The SMS object class categories are described in the following table. For additional information about SMS object class categories, see the Microsoft SMS 2003 Software Development Kit.

SMS Object Class Category Description

Software distribution

These are the objects associated with the Software Distribution feature of SMS, such as advertisement, collection, package, and program objects.


The scheduling classes organize scheduled SMS events, such as inventory updates.


Site classes contain information about SMS sites.


The SMS security classes describe the permissions granted to users and user groups to operate on specific SMS-secured objects, such as program and package objects.


The query classes describe SMS site database queries.


Resource classes are the classes populated when SMS discovers potential client computers, users, user groups, and other types of objects within the boundaries of the site.


Inventory objects provide the structure for inventory operations on SMS client systems, users, and user groups.

Software metering

Software metering classes describe the metered SMS resources, such as program files.

Status and summarizer

The status and summarizer classes indicate the status of SMS sites, components, and software distribution operations.

Collected files

Collected files classes contain information about files collected from clients.

Lazy Properties

Some SMS object properties are relatively inefficient to retrieve. If these properties were retrieved for many instances in a class (as might be done in a query), the response would be considerably delayed. Such properties are considered lazy properties and are not usually retrieved during query operations. However, if these properties are retrieved during a query, they have null or zero values, which might not be the actual value of the property for every instance. Therefore, if you want to get the correct value for lazy properties, you must get each instance individually. For information about which properties are lazy, see the SMS class definitions in the Microsoft SMS 2003 SDK.

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