You can write simple scripts to perform almost any SMS task. You can then reuse these scripts, and you can extend them to work with many SMS sites at once. Scripts can save a lot of manual effort and can even make some things possible that would not otherwise be possible. You can also run the scripts from features such as Scheduled Tasks in Microsoft Windows, eliminating the need for manual intervention by an SMS administrator when the task should occur.

Note   It is advised that you run the script examples in this documentation on a test SMS site before running them on your production SMS sites.

In This Section

Introduction to Scripting in SMS

Provides an introduction to scripting with SMS.

How to Write and Run a Simple SMS Script

Shows how to write and run a simple script that uses SMS.

External Resources for SMS Scripting

Provides links to resources for further information about working with SMS, WMI, and scripting with VBScript.

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