WMI is the architectural underpinning for SMS, and understanding the relationship between SMS and WMI is the key to effective SMS scripting. SMS uses WMI to collect information about SMS clients and for the management and operation of SMS features such as the following:

SMS Provider

The SMS Provider is a WMI provider that allows both read and right access to SMS site data held in the SMS database. It also helps ensure that SMS object security is enforced. The SMS Administrator console uses the SMS Provider, and sample scripts that read or update SMS site information also use the SMS Provider.

SMS Provider Namespaces

A WMI schema exists to describe the structure of the SMS Provider. Schema namespaces describe the location of SMS data within the SMS Provider. The following table contains the common namespaces you use when scripting SMS.

Namespace Description


The SMS Provider, which is extensively used by the Administrators console, Resource Explorer, SMS tools, and scripts.


Provides the location of the SMS provider server for a site.


Where the Advanced Client and Legacy Client hardware inventory agent gathers data from.


Advanced Client configuration policies and client data.


Location of classes that should be recorded by the Legacy Client hardware agent. These settings are transferred to clients by using the SMS_def.mof file.

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