View Product Compliance Results

Use this procedure to view the product compliance information available for your site.

Note    Not all product compliance functionality is accessed through the Product Compliance item in the SMS Administrator console. You can accomplish many product compliance operations by using other console items.

  1.  Systems Management Server
       Lower levelSite Database (site code - site name)
         Lower levelProduct Compliance

  2. Double-click Product Compliance. In the details pane, the database items appear as follows.
    Column name Description
    Name Friendly name, version, and revision.
    Company Friendly company name for the product.
    Language Friendly language for the product.
    Platform Friendly platform for the product.
    Source Friendly information source to identify where the information was obtained.
    Type Compliance type (for example, Year 2000 or Euro).
    Level Compliance level for the compliance type.
    Comment Optional information.

You can also modify product compliance information. For more information, see Modify Product Compliance Information for Products Already in Your Database.

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