Specify Client Events to Translate to SNMP Traps

After an event is added, it remains in the event configuration until you remove it.

Note    The Event to Trap Translator requires read/write access to the Windows NT Registry, so you must have administrative privileges on the client before you can configure events on that computer.

  1. In the Event to Trap Translator window, click Edit.
  2. The window expands to display event source selection folders and additional buttons.

  3. In the Event Sources column in the lower left of the window, double-click a category folder to display folders of event sources.
  4. A source is the software that logged the event, which can be an application, a component of an application, or a component of the operating system.

  5. Double-click a folder of event sources to display all the events for that source in the Events column.
  6. In the Event ID field, select the event.
  7. Click Add to add the event to the configuration registry.
  8. In the Properties dialog box for the selected event, click OK.
  9. The event is added to the list of events to be translated to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) traps. This list is located at the top of the Event to Trap Translator window.

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