Remotely Modify the Client Configuration for SNMP

SMS provides the Remote Configuration Tool (Eventcmt.exe), to automatically configure which events are translated to SNMP traps. You can use this tool together with a package to distribute the desired configuration to selected clients. To use this tool you must first create a text file which includes the desired client configuration. This procedure walks you through this process using the Event to Trap Translator.

  1. Select a client to configure and start the Event to Trap Translator.
  2. Use the settings in the Event to Trap Translator window to add or remove events to be translated to SNMP traps.
  3. When the configuration for this client is complete, click Export.
  4. In the Export Events dialog box, specify the file name, file type, and location.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Distribute this configuration file together with the Remote Configuration Tool to clients remotely using the SMS software distribution process.

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