Reset a Report's Data Access Source

Use the Set Location tool provided with SMS to reset a report's data access source location and default user rights. By default, the SMS reports' data access source location is set to your SMS site database. However, for customized reports or reports that have been designed elsewhere and sent to your site, you must reset the data source location and default user account by running the Set Location tool. You can run Set Location on all reports in a directory at once.

To run Set Location, use the following procedure.

  1. Navigate to <drive>:\SMS\CInfo\<Windows version>, and then double-click SetLocation.exe
  2. In the Set Location dialog box, enter your three-letter SMS site code in Site Code.
  3. In Server, type the site server's computer name. Use the following format: \\<servername>.
  4. In Account, enter the account name you want to use to connect to the SMS site database.
  5. This account must have access permissions to WBEM and SMS. By default, the logged-on account that installs the site has the required WBEM and SMS rights.

  6. In Report, type the full path to the report you are setting the location for.
  7. To set the location, click Update.
  8. If the update is successful, you will receive a confirmation message. If the update is not successful, determine whether the user account you are running Set Location under has access permissions to the Reports folder. To do so, navigate to <drive>:\SMS\CInfo\Samples\SMS.

  9. In the SMS Administrator console, navigate to the report you set the location for.
  10. Right-click the report, point to All Tasks, and then click Schedule.
  11. In the Schedule dialog box for the report, click the General tab.
  12. Click Refresh.

The report's new location will be written into all the reports in the directory.

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