Transfer Files to a Remote Client

Note   You must have Use Remote Tools permission for a collection security object type to use the File Transfer tool on a client in that collection.

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, right-click the client that you want to transfer files to, point to All Tasks, and then click Remote Tools.
  2. In the Remote Tools window, click File Transfer.
  3. SMS starts the File Transfer tool in the Remote Tools window. The Console box at the top displays the files and directories on the SMS Administrator console computer. The Remote Machine box at the bottom displays the files and directories on the selected client.

  4. In the directory boxes for each computer, select the directories that you want to copy files between. Only local drives on both computers are displayed; network resources identified by drive letters are not displayed.
  5. In the file list for the computer you want to copy files from, select the files to copy.
  6. For the computer you want to copy files to, select the directory where you want to place the files.
  7. Note    If the client operating system supports long file names, the File Transfer tool will also support long file names.

  8. Click the Copy button next to the file list that contains the files you want to copy.
  9. A status dialog box displays the progress of the copy operation.

  10. To end a copy operation, click Cancel.

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