Run a Program on a Remote Windows-Based Client

Note   You must have Use Remote Tools permission for a collection security object type to use the Remote Execute tool on a client in that collection.

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, right-click the client that you want to run a program on, point to All Tasks, and then click Remote Tools.
  2. In the Remote Tools window, click Remote Execute.
  3. The Run Program at User's Workstation dialog box opens.

  4. In the Command Line box, type the command for the program you want to run.
  5. The command must be in the client's path, or you must type the full path. (Remember, you are running under the user's security permissions, not your own.)

  6. Click Run.
  7. The Status box in the Run Program at User's Workstation dialog box displays the current status of the program on the client. For example, if the client computer carries out the command without error, the status is Executed.

  8. When you are finished running programs on the client, click Close.

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