Restart a Client Remotely

Note   You must have Use Remote Tools permission for a collection security object type to use the Remote Reboot tool on a client in that collection.

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, right-click the client that you want to restart, and then click Remote Tools.
  2. In the Remote Tools window, click Remote Reboot.
  3. To restart the selected client, click Yes when prompted for confirmation.

After you restart a client, you cannot use the remote support utilities to gain access to that client until the Remote Tools Agent is started on the client.

Note   When the client restarts, any program that requires user input before shutdown will wait for user input before rebooting. To start unassisted remote sessions (sessions when a user is not present), establish a remote control session with the client and make sure that no programs are running before you restart the client remotely. You can also restart a computer during a remote control session by simulating the CTRL+ALT+DELETE sequence.

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