Ping a Remote Client

Note   You must have Use Remote Tools permission for a collection security object type to use the Ping tool on a client in that collection.

  1. In the SMS Administrator console, right-click the client that you want to start ping, point to All Tasks, and then click Remote Tools.
  2. In the Remote Tools window, click Ping.
  3. The following test statistics appear in the Remote Tools window:

    Test Time
    The number of seconds used to test the response time of the client's network adapter.
    Total Packets
    The number of packets (or "frames") received from the client.
    The average number of packets received per second (Total Packets divided by Test Time).
    Total Errors
    The number of errors that occurred during the ping test.

    The thermometer at the left of the display shows the relative stability of the connection to the client, representing the Packets/Second value and by color code (red = slow, yellow = fair, green = fast).

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