Changes to Network Diagnostics

In SMS 1.2 In SMS 2.0 Notes
Network Monitor security is based on passwords you set to capture data and open existing capture files. Network Monitor 2.0 requires local administrator privileges on the computer where Network Monitor is installed. If you want to use Network Monitor remote capture functionality, you must also have local Administrator privileges on the computer where Network Monitor Agent is installed.
You cannot control how many instances of Network Monitor were installed and capturing data on your network. You can specify which computers can use Network Monitor 2.0 to capture data. Attempts to capture data at other computers are halted automatically. You set this security feature in the Security Monitor utility of the Monitor Control Tool.
Network Monitor Agent is implemented as a service. To monitor a network remotely, this service had run on the remote computer. Network Monitor Agent (which is no longer a service) starts automatically when you use Network Monitor to connect to the remote computer where the agent is installed.  
New Feature Network Monitor monitors watch for specific problems on the network. Avoid running monitors on any computer that already carries a heavy workload.
New Feature Network Monitor experts monitors are tools to help you analyze captured data.  
New Feature Network Monitor is now extensible. With this feature, you can create your own monitors and experts by using the SMS Toolkit.  
New Feature Network Trace creates a schematic of any site in your site hierarchy, including all computers filling site system roles and any routers. The schematic shows clearly which, if any, of these computers and routers are off-line or unavailable due to broken connections.

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