Run Network Trace

When you run Network Trace, a site map is automatically created and displayed in the Network Trace window.

  1.  Systems Management Server
       Lower levelSite Database
         Lower levelSite Hierarchy
           Lower levelsite name
             Lower levelSite Settings
               Lower levelSite Systems

  2. In the details pane, right-click a site system, point to All Tasks, and then click Start Network Trace.

    Network Trace traces all network paths between the current site server and the site system you selected, displaying the following:

When Network Trace cannot determine routes because of incomplete information in the SMS site database, it attempts to find routes by tracing (using the Tracert command). If this fails, a cloud symbol appears in the site map between the site system and the site server, indicating the route could not be traced.

When Network Trace is using route tracing, subnets are shown as unknown subnet.

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