Network Trace Overview

Network Trace maps routes between a Systems Management Server (SMS) site server and an SMS site system that you select, based on the information contained in the site database. Use Network Trace to verify that site systems can communicate with the site server, and to see any network problems within a site.

Note   Network Trace maps only IP subnets, not IPX or AppleTalk subnets.

Network Trace can also:

Network Trace gathers its information from Site System Discovery and Network Discovery. Server Discovery runs automatically after SMS Setup is completed, and once each hour thereafter. Network Discovery runs according to a schedule you specify.

After Server Discovery is completed, Network Trace can map site systems within a site. After Network Discovery is completed, Network Trace can map routers and links between site systems. Network Trace can map only what network discovery finds. Therefore, to map site systems and routers outside the local subnet, you must run network discovery at least once on all subnets in the site. If you do not do this, Network Trace displays only the local subnet, and it displays undiscovered links as question marks.

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