Configuring Software Metering

Unsupported platforms    Software metering is not supported on Alpha servers or servers running NetWare.

Before you can use the Software Metering tool to track software use, you must configure the metering infrastructure in SMS. To do so, you must perform the following three tasks:

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Configure software metering components.
Configure software metering components to set metering policies and to schedule metering tasks (such as license balancing and data summarization).

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Designate a software metering server.
Software metering servers provide the services required to support software metering within a site.

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Configure the Software Metering Client Agent.
Enable the Software Metering Client Agent and configure client retries, timings, and messages.

After you configure the SMS software metering infrastructure, you can start the Software Metering tool to configure licensed software and specific software metering tasks.

Note    The software metering component will not run on clients that belong to multiple unless the first site in the client's list of sites (in the Systems Management Control Panel on 32-bit clients, or in the [Sites] section of Smscfg.ini on 16-bit clients) has the Software Metering Client Agent enabled.

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