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The SMS Help system provides a number of different topic types. Information in the topics ranges from high-level conceptual, to low-level dialog box help. The topic types are described in the following table:

Topic Type Includes
Overview Overview topics provide high-level introductory information. Typically, they include a short summary of related operations, or features and provide information about how the operations and features work together.
Conceptual Conceptual topics provide more in-depth information than overviews. For example, they include information about how SMS carries out tasks, why a task should be performed, in what situations the task should or should not be performed, definitions of relevant terms, analogies, and examples.
Process A process topic reflects an SMS administrator's goal, rather than an element of the UI or product architecture. For example, Distribute Software to Clients is a process topic, rather than Create a Package or Create a Program, which are both procedures. A process topic lists the procedures needed to accomplish a task.
Procedure Procedure topics list the steps needed to accomplish a task. Procedure topics provide navigational graphics that you can use to quickly identify where you need to be in the SMS Administrator console to perform that task.
Dialog Box Dialog boxes provide information about the controls in a dialog box with links to associated procedures and overview information.
Online Book The online book is an online version of the Systems Management Server Version 2.0 Administrator's Guide, the book that is included with your purchase of SMS.
Note   Some low-level information, such as dialog box help, is not accessible from the table of contents. To access this information use the index or search mechanism, or click the Help button in the appropriate SMS dialog box.

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