Select Attribute Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to specify an attribute class and attribute. You can also use this dialog box to assign an alias name to an attribute class.

Attribute class
The class for this attribute reference. You can select an attribute class from the drop-down list. This setting might be unavailable (it will appear dimmed), depending on the dialog box that this dialog box was opened from.
Alias as
The name of the alias for the attribute class. This setting might or might not appear as a list, depending on the dialog box that this dialog box was opened from. You can select an alias name from the list, or you can assign or modify an alias name by typing the name in the edit box.

The alias name must be a valid SQL alias. It cannot begin with a number or contain any spaces. The alias name can contain letters, numbers, and any of these characters: @ $ # _

The attribute for the attribute class specified in Attribute class (above). The options in this list vary depending on the attribute class that is selected. Additionally, the All attributes value are available only if this dialog box is opened from the Query Result Properties dialog box.

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